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Schedule Recovery with Data Driven Root Cause Analysis

The project team needed to identify the root cause of issues as this mixed-use project fell further and further behind schedule.

Mixed Use
Use Case
How Disperse brings attention to drawing non-conformance

As the Owner’s Rep, ensuring access to all design changes and RFIs is critical to drive effectiveness on a project.

Owner('s representative)
Use Case
Disperse helps takeover construction team rescope

New GC tackled an 18-month late project, needing a reliable method to identify and quickly correct wrongly installed scope.

General Contractor
Use Case
Resolving On-site Disputes Efficiently

The engineer-on-record was concerned about the pump exhaust’s proximity to the sprinkler heads, causing a pre-closeout dispute

General Contractor
Use Case
How a GC Leveraged Disperse to Identify Missed Scope

The GC discovered work that had not been completed, creating not only delays, but also subsequent rework in previously completed premises.

General Contractor
Use Case

What our customers say

Here are a few testimonials from some of our longstanding customers: 

“Disperse is one of our standout digital tools. It generates a walk-through of the project which allows you to hop in, navigate and see what has happened in different areas. It highlights any differences and gives progress updates against the programme.

Once the pandemic struck, Disperse became even more valuable. For planning and commercial staff, who were based at home, it became a vital bit of software.

Cameron Bulloch
Planning Manager

"The reality is, we are all going lean. It means that we're building more complex projects with fewer resources, less human beings, less managers, less engineers. Now we have Disperse to help us do things that we no longer have the people to do.

Disperse tells you exactly which panel is installed to date and how many panels per floor. You see every elevation, all on one page. It's in your face and there's nothing left to question.

Disperse tracks that progress weekly and gives you the same report every week. So it's super simple to compare, by panel count, the progress your contractors are making every week. They don't just do this for curtain wall. They do this for interiors; they do it for risers; they could do it for your structure if you get them on soon enough."

Jacquelyn Mascoli
Project Executive

"At Canary Wharf Contractors, we are continually looking at innovative ways to improve productivity. The use of Computer Vision technology is assisting our site teams to effectively manage complex projects and make the right decisions.

The ability to integrate this data directly into the Construction programme ensures we have accurate as-built data, supported by high quality images and reports. This not only means we can assess where we are against planned progress, but also provides clear evidence of both quality and performance week on week.

Disperse has worked collaboratively with CWCL in developing robust solutions and controls. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Disperse on future projects.


Tony Lonergan
Head of Planning

"Overall, Disperse allows us to create an improved experience for not just Gilbane but for our clients.

By measuring progress weekly, we can plan our work and schedules more effectively, and we can streamline payments to our subs based on objective data. That, in turn, increases transparency for our clients. So they can be certain they're only paying for work that's already been completed.

And more importantly, it builds the trust that's needed so that we can execute at a really high level and, hopefully, have repeat clients."

Rawle Sawh
Director of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

"Effective performance measurement and management are key success factors on all construction projects. Employing Disperse has introduced unquestionable truth to my project delivery.

This has removed the grey typically incurred through substandard record keeping and has enabled our construction teams to reinvest increased capacities in dealing with the human to human resolutions and guiding production."

Liam Florey
Project Director
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