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Our DNA is equal parts construction and technology, and we're here to unlock the future of building.

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Meet the team

Founded in 2015, our teams are made up of the best and brightest in their respective fields, led by a team of passionate people united behind our mission: to unlock the future of building.


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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operations Officer
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VP, Project Solutions


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Chief Product Officer
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People and values

Get to know a few of us, and understand what we're all about: 


Configuration Expert

The challenges we have faced on a global level these last two years made us re-envision the way we think and work together, strengthening our bonds across teams as well as across international borders in an already very innovative and dynamic environment. This brought a very shiny spotlight to our "tackle the next challenge” mentality and power to adapt to the industries needs and drive it forward.


Product Manager

Working in a dynamic cross-functional team and constant overcoming of challenges with the generous support of colleagues is what I love most about Disperse. I think such a place is ideal for personal and professional growth of every young person. A stimulating work environment that encourages me to ask “why” and “what” and where everyone is always quick to challenge their own thinking with the aim of achieving a common goal is where I want to work. And that's exactly what Disperse is.


Lead Architect Specialist

Working at disperse, so far has been about looking out to support one another and showing empathy, while maintaining a friendly and professional outlook. We are so much about teamwork and collaborations that there’s no other way to go about it than having absolute positive intentions. This eventually reflects in our efficiency and data outcomes that have had a staggering effect in the construction industry.

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Our team members aren't afraid of uncertainty and ambiguity, which is why they thrive when wearing multiple hats. We know that navigating challenges can yield to innovative solutions for our customers.

A successful team is one where members actively looks out for and support one another. We take time to understand and respect our different points of view. This inclusive culture helps with solving our customers' challenges in the most creative ways.

We always hold ourselves to high moral standards, and put the interest of our teams and customers above our own. We always live up to our commitments.

The size of our dreams has never stopped us executing on them. We are motivated by making a difference in the construction industry and having an impact on our customers.

Our colleagues are the best thing about working here. We’ve formed friendships across cultures, and the closeness of the resulting collaboration shows in the solutions we ship.


We’re a close-knit family dispersed across London, New York, Sarajevo, Mostar and Islamabad. Geography notwithstanding, we’re united in the passion to unlock the future of building.


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64 Great Eastern Street, London,
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New York City

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110 W 40th St, Suite 2103, New York, NY 10018
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Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1, 71000
Office Photo - Sarajevo


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Maršala Tita 60, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Office Photo - Mostar


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Pak Land City Centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
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