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At Disperse, we provide you with deep understanding of your site with information essential to your needs - leveraging advanced site capture and tracking solutions, purpose-built for large-scale construction.

What You Need to Know About Us

80% of our employees have a background in construction
150+ projects around the world
We have the most advanced library of progress tracking capabilities
We include SLAs for 95%+ data accuracy for our enterprise customers
There’s no project too big for us

Beyond the Technology

With over 7 years of experience, Disperse specializes in advanced site capture and tracking solutions. We cater to large-scale projects worldwide, including multi-billion dollar ventures in the UK, USA, and Saudi Arabia.
Having supported 100+ major projects, we excel helping unlock project teams to focus where it truly matters - by lifting manual work away from out customers and adapting to their existing flows.
Disperse mission is to build the most advanced and reliable construction intelligence solution for large-scale construction, dedicated to placing all the contextual knowledge of your site at your fingertips.

"Working at Disperse is truly fulfilling, as it allows me to collaborate with a passionate team and continuously learn and grow in an environment that values excellence and innovation. My goal as a Solution Consultant is to deeply understand our clients' needs and deliver tailored solutions that drive their success. Every day, I strive to bridge the gap between challenges and opportunities, ensuring our clients receive the best support and innovative strategies to thrive. The positive feedback we receive daily is a testament to our hard work, dedication, and the significant impact we are making in the construction industry.”
Adisa Selim - Solution Consultant
"Working with an exceptional team brings fresh perspectives and high energy that drive innovation and enthusiasm throughout the organisation. This dynamic environment fosters creative solutions and continuous improvement, ensuring we remain competitive and forward-thinking. The dedication of our team is key to achieving our goals and sustaining our growth.”
Irfan Salihagić - Solution Design Specialist
"Starting as an intern over 3 years ago, I’ve enjoyed incredible professional and personal growth at Disperse. Every day brings new challenges and exciting projects, allowing me to continuously learn and develop. I also get to collaborate with fantastic people and see exciting projects develop across the world.”
Charlie Cotterill - Senior Operations Associate
"I truly appreciate the dynamic work environment we have in Disperse. Its invigorating to be part of a team where adaptability and continuous learning are valued so highly.Additionally, I find great satisfaction in knowing that the work I do is impactful and valued, contributing to meaningful projects. One of the most enjoyable aspect is the flexibility and freedom to take on different responsibilities allowing me to apply a diverse range of my abilities, skills and explore new areas of interest."
Anum Hussain - Solution Delivery Manager

Meet Our Leaders

Felix Neufeld
Chairman of the Board
Olli Liukkaala
Chief Executive Officer
Will Synnott
Chief Customer Officer
Irina Bošnjak
Head of Product
Dina Omerović
Head of Project Solutions
Hamza Zafar
Head of Operations
Tom Smith
Lead Solution Consultant
Tom Sharp
Head of Site Ops

Advanced Site Capture
& Tracking Solution.

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