Platform overview

The Disperse platform is purpose-built to improve building productivity. We capture the state of a project, transform data to make it usable, and provide insightful analysis to drive optimal project delivery.

Product elements

Navigating our digital product interface is simple. There are a few main product elements to help customers navigate and understand their data:

Visual documentation informed by progress

A digital replica of a construction site provides irrefutable visual evidence, layered over time. Navigate from room to room, or peel back layers of construction over time.

Reports and issue detection

If you want to understand progress by tasks and trades, or you need to  evaluate compliance on an installation, Disperse reports are your interface to get insights quickly. Issue detection happens continuously and proactively, and our system notifies teams about potential problems.

Management dashboards

For business and project leadership, relevance and urgency are key. Disperse dashboards tell leaders what they need to know without drowning them in data, providing a platform to evaluate project and portfolio delivery.

Schedule and programme integration

To measure planned versus actual progress, our team configures our system against your programme (schedule). Once you become a Disperse customer, our Configuration team works with you to make sure everything stays up to date.

Project and business benefits

Here are a few of the benefits our customers can expect when they choose to partner with Disperse: 

Protect your margins

Stay informed about the true state of delivery and stop cost overruns before they happen

Avoid disputes

Create a shared source of truth for all project stakeholders to operate from, and get straight to resolution

Reduce admin & overhead

Eliminate tedious hours spent manually collecting, structuring and interpreting data

Improve communication

Have conversations based on data, and create orientation toward finding real solutions

Benchmark, borrow, support

Build a knowledge repository by applying learnings from one project to others

Focus on building

Keep your teams focused exclusively on what they got into construction to do: build