Drive delivery with Impulse

How construction project managers get more done. 

Finally, a solution that helps project managers get things done with actionable insights in a familiar and digestible format.

Stay Ahead of Issues with Spotlights

Detect potential rework, delays, and non-conformance across your site.
Attend to the highest risk items first with new Priority flags.
Drive Spotlights to resolution before they escalate with Action List.


Review in trade meetings  
Deploy labor effectively
Prioritize, action, and resolve Spotlights

Improve Clarity with Actionable Performance Insights

Share project status with work-in-place and Spotlight reporting.
Easily review milestone progress and high level summaries in executive reports and dashboards.
Specialised reports including schedule integration, cost reconciliation, and labour census are also available for an extra fee.


Streamline communications and get time back with automated reporting.
Stay on top of multiple projects with management dashboards.

Track your site’s rate of progress at a glance

Monitor your productivity and determine if it is increasing, decreasing or steady in each unit with intuitive icons.
Spot where and for how long spaces, trades or tasks have been stalling.
Stay on top of new issues and the rate at which issues are being closed.


Inform catch up plans by identifying areas or trades that are stalling.
Prioritise areas that need more attention across the building by understanding the scale of problems.
Track how many issues are getting closed to help decide where to allocate more resources.

Access everything through Control Centre

Drill down where it matters

Plus sign icon

Pull up the relevant context with a single click. Each area can be shown in more detail, so you can quickly drill down to any concerning spot.

Extra clarity with visual proof

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Direct access to the images that underlie the data. Save time in identifying and locating issues and focus your energy on addressing them.

What our customers say?

“Impulse's ability to detect, early on, work in place that deviates from contract drawings or a 3D BIM model has been extremely valuable to the team in getting out ahead of problem solving on those issues.”

Thomas Alaimo

Deputy Operations Manager and Project Executive at UAG

The Disperse Difference

Disperse employs a unique human-plus-AI hybrid approach to construction data capture and analysis, ensuring we deliver full value from the start of a project.

Our team of architects and engineers ensure that we track what matters and that you get accurate, reliable information while our AI engine enables us to deliver at scale.

We apply this hybrid approach to:

Configure your project to meet your needs.
Update your projects with your change orders, schedule updates, and more.
Scan your site using 360° cameras, guaranteeing you as-built records without encroaching on your human capital.
Ensure accuracy of our system’s insights and data.

Graph that shows why a Human-plus-AI approach is more beneficial than a unique human or unique artificial intelligence approach.
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