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Drive projects forward

with reliable, up-to-date construction data.

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Exceptional project management teams make good decisions with limited data.

So what happens when you remove the limit?

Disperse offloads and automates critical elements 
of project reporting, and feeds reliable and relevant data 
to the people who need it.

With the right information to hand and a reduced administrative workload, project management teams make optimal decisions and drive projects forward.

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Progress and compliance data

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Disperse solutions feed reliable progress and compliance data to project management teams.

With the right information, teams can quickly answer questions about actual versus planned progress, or whether components were installed in compliance with relevant guidelines.

Our system monitors hundreds of tasks and thousands of components using visual inputs like 360° photos or video, and transforms those inputs into descriptive data and reports. The system also proactively spots some issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, helping project teams stay ahead of potential rework.

Only at Disperse is construction data analysis done by a proprietary mix of AI and human expertise. The hybrid approach means that our algorithms are constantly getting smarter as they're trained by a team of human experts, and we maintain maximum flexibility to address a project's data needs.

Time savings & reduced admin

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Every minute that project management spends manually recording progress, taking photos or compiling reports is a missed opportunity to focus instead on value-add activities to drive the project forward.

Disperse solutions help drive productivity by offloading and automating critical reporting workflows, reducing the hours a project management team has to spend gathering, compiling and structuring information. Project teams freed from administrative overhead are happier, more focused and more effective.

There is no greater gift than that of time, and our customers have reported weekly time savings of up to 65% for some project management roles.

Weekly 360° visual documentation

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We use visual inputs (360° photos, closeup photos and videos) to process construction data, but we also use them to create an as-built digital replica of a construction project over time.

Rather than debating details subjectively during meetings or over the phone with subcontractors or clients, our customers can pull up the Disperse Viewer and digitally navigate a project. An ironclad digital record means disputes get settled before they happen.

Because our solution is web-based, anyone with a login can "visit" a project digitally at any time, including designers or consultants.

With the right information to hand and a reduced administrative workload, project management teams make optimal decisions and drive projects forward.

Liam Florey
Project Director, Mace Group

"Effective performance measurement and management are key success factors on all construction projects. Employing Disperse has introduced unquestionable truth to my project delivery.

This has removed the grey typically incurred through substandard record keeping and has enabled our construction teams to reinvest increased capacities in dealing with the human to human resolutions and guiding production."