For business leadership
Thrive in complex environments

by using data to manage risk, protect margins and unlock business improvements.

Data that reflects the true state of a portfolio helps business leadership manage risk and judge new opportunities.

Need to bring business improvement initiatives to life? Want to insure your business against erroneous transactions when things get messy in the field?

Data is the key. Disperse functions as a data processing engine that runs independently of day-to-day operations.

We give business leadership objective information about the true state of play, and help safeguard margins with ironclad descriptive and visual records of site works.

Informed risk management

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The data that makes its way from the field to business leadership doesn't always reflect the true state of play, which makes understanding and managing risk difficult.

Disperse data tells the whole story, reliably. We make risk management a smarter and more informed undertaking.

Our data keeps management teams apprised of risk associated with threats like delays and cost overruns. We integrate with other systems, and we enrich our proprietary data to give it valuable context.

We're here to help leadership teams at construction and real estate firms avoid unaccounted risk and unpleasant surprises.

Protected margins

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The Disperse platform provides ironclad visual and descriptive records of exactly what's been done on a project, and when. We're working to make erroneous claims and unnecessary litigation a thing of the past, and helping to protect our customers' margins.

Our solutions proactively deliver business units the data they need to understand issues that are leading to cost overruns or major delays, and to protect them from details that might otherwise get overlooked.

An engine to power strategic initiatives

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Modern construction and development firms have an enormous breadth of strategic choices to pick from. There are new opportunities everywhere, and just as many threats.

Whether it's a push to become the most environmentally sustainable firm in your market, or the most productive, data is key.

Disperse solutions feed reliable and up-to-date data to the teams and business systems driving improvement initiatives, and give leadership a richer understanding of how to approach market opportunities.

No matter the strategic initiative, data is the key to a modern, thriving construction or development business.

Tony Lonergan
Head of Planning at Canary Wharf Contractors

"At Canary Wharf Contractors, we are continually looking at innovative ways to improve productivity. The use of Computer Vision technology is assisting our site teams to effectively manage complex projects and make the right decisions.

The ability to integrate this data directly into the Construction programme ensures we have accurate as-built data, supported by high quality images and reports. This not only means we can assess where we are against planned progress, but also provides clear evidence of both quality and performance week on week.

Disperse has worked collaboratively with CWCL in developing robust solutions and controls. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Disperse on future projects."