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Introducing Lookahead for short-term construction planning

Duration: 33 minutes
If you are here, you are already at least partially aware of the shortcomings of your own weekly planning process. Now you are wondering how “Lookahead,” Disperse’s new short-term planning solution, can help ease some of these difficulties, as well as make your lookahead meetings significantly shorter.

If that’s the case, this is the webinar for you.
This webinar will cover:
• How Lookahead overcomes the drawbacks of traditional weekly planning tools.
• How a solution specific to YOUR PROJECT can truly move the needle.
• How our team works with you to set up pre-configured task sequences (and their spatial distribution) in advance.
• How you can keep track of blockers and easily resequence work around them.
• How Lookahead and Impulse (our pace- and progress-tracking solution) helps close the loop between what is supposed to happen and what actually happens.

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Emina Isic headshot

Emina Isić | Product Manager

Emina is a Product Manager at Disperse. She is an architect by trade and started her career as BIM Consultant. Emina currently leads Disperse's Lookahead product with the aim of helping project teams make their regular short-term planning more efficient
Conor Williets headshot

Conor Williets | Software Engineer

Conor is a Software Engineer at Disperse. He has worked on a number of client facing and internal tools and currently leads development of Lookahead alongside Emina. Conor started his working career on construction sites and experienced firsthand many of the issues Disperse is aiming to tackle as a company.
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