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A Practical Approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction

Duration: 56 minutes
Productivity in construction is a sore spot, and tech has historically fallen short on promises to help. For advanced technology like AI to move the needle in the complex world of building, the approach and application must be practical above all else.

In this webinar, led by Dr. Mohsan Alvi, Chief Science Officer at Disperse, you can expect:
-> An introduction to the basics of Computer Vision, a cutting-edge field of Artificial Intelligence

-> An explanation of how to evaluate AI for projects, and of how AI should work in conjunction with human expertise

-> An exploration of how Computer Vision is helping leading contractors and developers achieve optimal project delivery

-> A look under the hood at how Disperse is using AI to deliver reliable and actionable construction data

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Headshot - Mohsan - Chief Science Officer

Dr. Mohsan Alvi

Dr. Mohsan Alvi earned his PhD in Computer Vision from Oxford University, studying under Professor Andrew Zisserman at Europe’s leading Computer Vision lab. Serving as Chief Science Officer at Disperse, Mohsan leads a team of developers who are delivering groundbreaking AI solutions to some of construction's most complex challenges.
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