Plan without pain

Short term planning without the hassle of data gathering and manual input

Lookahead turns your weekly planning into a streamlined workflow. Just drag & drop preconfigured task sequences onto the dates and spaces where your subs should be working.

It makes your planning at least 4x faster and saves the team a ton of back and forth.

Streamline your workflow

→ Collaboratively plan the next 1-4 weeks of work 
→ Change task sequences on the fly
→ Get right into planning with prebuilt task cards
→ Make meetings more effective with automatic task status updates, when integrated with
→ Familiar sticky format requires no training


→ Reduce pre-planning work by 75% 
→ Easily maintain an up-to-date plan
→ Stop typing names of trades and dates manually
→ Eliminate debates about progress with automatic task updates when used with Impulse
→ Works great on iPad - take the plan where you go

Establish a clear direction

→ Simple, visual representation of upcoming work
→ Single source of truth that the team can trust and refer to
→ Easy to understand tool regardless of digital proficiency


→ Teams have a clear direction of upcoming work
→ Change log to see who has made changes
→ Always  up-to-date with the latest changes

All your blockers in a single overview

→ Listen to more than the loudest voice in the trailer
→ Flexible work resequencing
→ Identify root causes over time


→ View outstanding tasks in each work zone and easily redeploy resources
→ Manage exceptions by changing prebuilt task cards or creating your own
→ Address systemic issues by keeping track of recurring blockers

Create a virtuous cycle

→ Evaluate trade performance to inform future work
→ Analyze root causes with variance reports
→ Track incomplete design, adverse weather, labor or material shortage, or other project specific blockers


→ Trade performance information informs future planning  
→ Root cause insights accelerate speed and quality of building over time
→ Optimize planning over time by creating reusable templates of  successful sequences

High level view of your plan

See how your plan comes together across floors
Overlap trades’ activities through space and time
Keep sight of upcoming milestones


Ensure short-term plans meet long-term goals
Validate that trades are working efficiently
Smooth out hand-offs from one task to another

What our customers say?

“I can keep my trades in the field instead of the trailer. I want this on all of my future projects.”

Charles Blackledge

Senior Construction Manager at Mace

Discover the magic of project-specific preconfigured task sequences

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Our in-house team of engineers and architects partners with your construction team to define task sequences in advance so you can get right into weekly planning.

Capture blockers & resequence on the fly

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When blockers arise, it’s easy to capture them and redirect potentially idling workers to other jobs.

Identify systemic issues that slow down the site

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Capture blockers over time and do root cause analysis to streamline delivery. 

Automatic task updates make progress undisputable

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Stop the neverending back and forth with your subs about work that’s been completed and which tasks are now on deck. How? Impulse provides automatic task status for ongoing and upcoming tasks.

Always up-to-date export to Excel

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Easily collaborate with anyone in a familiar, industry standard format.

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